Women's March Ottawa

Join the revolution to give women the representation and the security that they are entitled to.

Who We Are

priorities of Health

Awareness about the health aspects of women and the steps to be taken.

Representation And Safety

Backing up the woman to help them function to their full potential.

Economic Security

Helping the women to be secure financially without any reliance on their male counterparts.

Inspiring, Uniting And Leading The Charge For The Advancement Of Women

Giving back the reins to the woman to run their lives while we back them up.

March Logistics

Know about the different logistics that will help you discover further about the march.

March Accessibility

Our hope from the march is that more and more women come out in support of the cause.

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Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s right!
We strive for quality and justice to be provided to women and to thwart
any misconceptions about what they can or cannot do.

Women's March Ottawa Is Only Possible With The Support Of Our Community

Women's March and Rally: It's Time for Change

Be the change by siding with the change. Understand the need of the hour and the justice to be served.

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